Sunday, November 18, 2012

Spanish exports to NAFTA 2007-2011

Now, exports to signatories to the North American Free Trade Agreement. Note that we have re-edited it reflect a sorting error in the original affecting the categories, but not the totals.

It's probably to be expected, given that the United States is the only industrialized, non-resource country that has improved its international performance more than Spain, that the improvement in Spanish goods exports to NAFTA countries would be less convincing. Only 8 of the 17 sub-sectors presented are positive with respect to 2011, but the contribution of petroleum & derivatives and chemicals is so spectacular - over a 1 billion euro gain - as to put exports positive.

In percentage terms, petroleum & derivatives are up 190 points, other goods 63 and steel & iron and petroleum & derivatives both over 40. On the negative side, automobiles and other consumer non-durables are both off nearly 30 points.

Exports of all merchandise are up 5.65 percent over the period.

Other entries in the series are,Spanish goods exports 2007-2011and Spanish exports to the Far East 2007-2011.


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