Monday, October 22, 2012

Warning - do not try this at home

Quote of the decade, from Edward Hugh:
Let's give an example. If I want to suffocate myself I need to deprive myself of air. If I don't deprive myself of air I won't suffocate. Fine. And if I deprive myself of air, does that mean I will suffocate? The answer is it depends, the absence of air is a necessary but not a sufficient condition. I need more conditions to be able answer adequately, even though I find it impossible to imagine myself suffocating without a lack of air.



Candide said...

It is quite clear that Mr Ed is a thorough researcher. On the other hand, that's a sufficient explanation for this quote, but not necessarily the only one.

Anonymous said...

Suffocatingly clear.
I jus couldn't read the article in its entirety. Too long. Does he know the meaning of the word concise?

"el Primo" said...

Charles - why does he say the ECB helps monetise Spain's debt?

Charles Butler said...

Primo - it seems to me that this is exactly what Draghi is not doing. Monetization probably requires the issue of money - not just declarations. But why don't you ask him? He usually reads the comments at Fistful. Let me know.

Anon - indeed. I believe the technique used is to anaesthetize the reader prior to taking him prisoner.

Brie said...

Greece is running out of time. Next Spain is running out of time. Poland do not join!

"el Primo" said...

Charles - he says he used the word "monetisation" in a different sense than most people do.

Charles Butler said...

'He is enabling a country to get itself deeper in debt, and that is the way I am using monetisation.'

All he's doing is saying he doesn't like the debt situation therefore he'll call it an available bad word. Total incompetence combined with an attempt to get a keyword in for Google searches.

Speaks badly of the readers that just swallow this shit whole.