Sunday, December 11, 2011

When news is the news

Atlantic Wire's series, 'What I Read', features seasoned Wall Street reporter Heidi Moore - inadvertently informing us as to why the probability that news reporting (and its parasite spawn, the noise-o-sphere) will provide anything that merits the title of 'information' is so abysmally low.

'Twitter is absolutely the first and last thing I do every day to check news. I always dream that a perfectly curated Twitter feed will just allow the most important news to osmose into your brain,...'

'When I retweet I look for stories that are retweeted multiple times, so I follow a lot of news publications. Generally, if I see an article in my feed once I may not click on it right away but if I see it twice I will.'

Apparently, the primary challenge facing journalists in the internet age is to ensure that their names become attached to the viral trend du jour.



Candide said...

I guess Moor chooses the image of osmosis because, as Wikipedia has it, "osmosis does not require input of energy".

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Charles Butler said...

Good one! Thanks